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Who I Am

I hail from the beaches of Florida, and now live in infrequently-sunny Cleveland, Ohio, with my husband and baby. I’m a graphic designer and writer who seeks to combine images and words into an inevitable yet surprising combination of the two. Like cantaloupe and prosciutto. My favorite party trick? Identifying a person’s spirit animal at a glance. My own (self-appointed) spirit animal is a lively and curious rabbit.

What I Do

I help people and brands tell their stories. Whether those stories come to life through great design or compelling storytelling—or, best of all, both!—I want to make the experience as authentic as possible. I design websites, marketing collateral, emails, logos, book covers, and anything you can think of. I write personal essays and promotional copy. I’m also a tireless cheerleader for those I care about.

What I Love

Professionally: Beautiful type and engaging imagery. White space. Hand-drawn details. Passionate businesss owners. That elusive phrase that sings in the air, long after it’s uttered.

Personally: loose leaf tea and eggs with anything. Walks to the library. Prosecco for no reason at all. My husband and his uncannily accurate Matthew McConaughey impressions.

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