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Author Chris Kennedy approached me to work on a supplemental website for his upcoming book, Battlefield Surgeon, about his father’s experiences as a field surgeon in World War II. The site includes Paul Kennedy’s beautiful black-and-white images of life on and off the battlefield, with intimate portraits of personnel, as well as gritty photos inside the operating tents of Europe. In addition to a stunning photo galleries, this site also features transcriptions of real-life cases from Paul Kennedy’s journals.

The goal in creating this website was to showcase the images and captions as much as possible, honoring Paul Kennedy’s life and legacy. With a clean, gridded design, and large lightboxes, this site becomes flexible enough for a variety of content, while retaining its overall look and readability. Stark, yet emotional, the site captures a momentous time, and brings back to life the glorious people who inhabited it.

A testament to an important historical era, as well as an incredibly personal journey, this website becomes both historical artifact and experiential product, acting as both an accompaniment to and preview of Chris Kennedy’s powerful book.

Visit Battlefield Surgeon here.

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