Kathleen Blackburn Author Website

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Kathleen Blackburn’s writing has a soaring, lyrical quality, matched only by her compelling content and distinct vision of the world around her. She is working on a full-length book about the wandering albatrosses of the Subantarctic and notions of home called Loose On Earth: Wandering Albatrosses and Journeys of Return. To help articulate her project, she wanted a website that could showcase her interests, past work, and biographical information.

After reading much of her writing, I designed and developed her website with her stylistic choices in mind. Austere blues and greys to suggest the Subantarctic landscape, plenty of white space to give breath to the content, and warm, vintage touches to add elegance and a whiff of history. The customized content management system allows her to add more work and revise her existing content, making her website a self-sustaining one that establishes Kathleen’s presence and gives visual cues to the vastness of her work.

Visit her site here.

a responsive, elegant author website

modern yet literary author website design

vintage inspired author website