Little Reef Book Cover Design

Book Design

When I first read Michael Carroll’s book of stories, I was struck by the multitude of voices he was able to capture. Spanning landscapes across the United States, from New York to the West Coast, each story in Carroll’s collection reveals another moment in time and another wonderfully complex set of characters.

I wanted to design a book cover that would have a sense of grandeur and scale, representing both the largeness of the contemporary American experience, as well as the startling minutiae in an individual’s life. On this cover, a vast ocean is imprinted on packaging paper, like a memory rising to light. The texture of the paper and the ghostly streaks of white, as well as the lowercase typography on the front panel, give this cover an artisan feel, transposing the timelessness of the sea with the fleeting, temporal quality of handmade art.

evocative, handcrafted book cover for Michael Carroll's Little Reef

full cover keyline of evocative ocean scene