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Home Design Product Copy

Product copy for Arhaus Furniture

“Early mornings on the pier, sunlight hits the dock a certain way. The Gulf shimmers and breaks. Even barnacles become gems, glittering with golden light. Inspired by these visions, we created our Soleil Wavy Shell Chandelier, a piece accented with layered shells and winding scrolls that capture the warm tones of those early mornings. Set at the center of a room, this chandelier reflects the transporting hues of a secluded coastal escape.”

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Home Design Style Stories

Marketing blurbs for Arhaus Furniture on three themes: 1920s, Victorian chic, and nautical

“Une Génération Perdue. They lived in extravagance—felt the sweep of silk, the flow of champagne—and rose each day with beautiful and reckless abandon. Yet they were lost, disillusioned by their times. And where do the lost go?

They create their own paradise. Tufted beds cushion the nights that melt into languorous mornings. Dark leather chairs offer an invitation, much like lashes falling across kohl-lined eyes. Mirrored glass reflects dreams that glitter. And everywhere, the unmistakable grace of a well appointed home.”

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The Arhaus Story

Catalog copy for the award-winning Arhaus catalog

“1986. It starts with one chair: simply woven, yet marked with the pride of its maker. On that day, in that drafty storefront in Cleveland, John Reed makes his first sale and with it, an abiding commitment to furnishing a better world. He envisioned a place for handcrafted furniture built from lasting relationships, where innovative design meets time-honored practices and every decision is drawn from a conscientious awareness of the world around us.”

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Storybook Tales

A promotional tool for Arhaus Furniture, spinning magic into everyday furniture.

“There was once a hut in the dark forests of Germany, sitting in a spot where sunlight shone only in slivers through the thickly wooded trees. It was so desolate there that one could hear nothing but the shuffle of birds and creep of snakes. An old furniture maker and his wife lived in that hut, eating and speaking very little, wishing for even less.”

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Fashion Blog Post

Post advertising new collections + trends for independent retailer Substance

“In 1666, inspired by Persian court fashion, England’s Charles II introduced the vest through royal proclamation. A monarch with a fashion agenda! We like it. But the reason, as always, was a political one. The king wanted to present England as the wholesome repudiation of Versaille’s continental extravagance. Fast-forward a couple hundred years: dandies gave the vest new flair in the 19th century, along with a new name (“waistcoat”), transforming the once-staid garment into a luxury item, with a cropped length, intricate buttons, and spectacular floral prints. Imagine a solemnly-vested Charles II turning in his grave.”

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Fashion Product Copy

Copy promoting clothing and jewelry from independent retailer Substance

“There are the fashion wallflowers and then there are the bold. The unafraid. Those who fly ahead of the flock. A little gothic and a little avian, this shag bag is as original as its wearer. Hundreds of hand-cut and individually sewn leather pieces spill from sturdy straps onto a round and roomy base. What will you stash inside? A weather-worn book of poetry? A skeleton key to mysterious rooms? Keep your secrets. This bag can hold them all.”

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